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Asking for help! Topics for rules review meeting

So, I'm facilitating our local rules meeting tomorrow night. We've hit Rule 4 pretty decently and have gone over the new case plays for this year.

Any suggestions on a good topic/topics to discuss for an hour? What are the best formats any of you have had for a rules review? I'd love to make it interactive and fun, so any suggestions on what you've seen work is much appreciated.

The purpose of the meeting is two-fold. One is to prepare for the test (we don't use the NFHS test here, we use a not-so-fun home-made version. The other is to prepare for the season, obviously. Mostly, those overlap, though there are always a few "this is how the rule is written, this is how we enforce it here" discussions.

So, any help would be welcome. Thanks in advance!
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