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Originally Posted by chicagomike View Post
11. There are three marked lane spaces on each lane boundary line, each measuring 36 inches by 36 inches.

Well, the actual markings aren't 36x36. But both the rule book and casebook make references to this 36x36 area. So is this true or false?
It doesn't say the markings are 36x36. It says the space is measured 36x36.

14. During free-throw attempts resulting from a technical foul, substitutions may be made only after the final attempt has been converted.

Can't find the answer to this anywhere. Logic told me it was true. But I'm bothered by the word "converted." So if the second FT isn't good, there can't be substitutions even after it clanks off the rim and before play resume? Really?

69. The basketball shall be spherical and have a deeply pebbled cover with any number of horizontally shaped panels.

Any number? Really? It could have 1,000 panels? Just about all of this is lifted right out of the rule book except for "any number," which makes me want to say false.
Did you see anything that stated there was a limit on the number of panels?

Didn't think the replies would be as confusing as the questions and rule book! (And it's not like I'm asking about 90 of the 100 questions or anything.)
It doesn't matter how few questions you're asking about. The point is we're trying to get you to think rather than just give you the answer. You don't learn anything from reading true, false, true. You need to know WHY they're true, false, true.
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