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Glad I Was Not There

I got this second hand from my nephew who is a varsity player in a state that uses FED rules. Batter hits a home run. Before he touches home plate, a teammate reaches out and gives him a "high five". The umpire calls the batter out and takes the run off the board. I know that this is not correct, but how should a coach handle this if his player is called out for such a thing? Our state has protest procedures where the protesting coach has ten minutes to find in the rulebook where the umpire has misapplied a rule. I don't know how you can prove to someone who believes a non-existent rule when there is nothing specifically in the rulebook that says he is incorrect. I know that some will tell me to have him show me where he is correct, but that is not the way it works. He does not have to prove anything. The coach has to prove that he is wrong.

How does this joker get away with making uninformed calls like this?
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