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Originally Posted by tballump View Post
Did CJ Washington, Trey Maddox, Deldre Carr have to use this in the first preseason game Jazz vs Nuggets. How about Karl Lane, William Mensah, Kevin Scott for the Bulls vs Pacers. Wonder how they will be rewarded in their future careers for crossing the line.

There are plenty of people on the street and people getting ready to become amateur officials for the first time ever this year, who could surely do a good job in the NBA's eyes with a couple weeks training, and these people should be contracted to do the games until a settlement between the 2 sides. Then the regulars would be back, and the minor league guys could continue their climb to becoming a member of the NBRA.
Oh tomegun...paging Mr. tomegun...
I saw this coming. How about you? I'm curious about their thoughts on the whole situation.
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