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Originally Posted by Joel Poli View Post
Try this question:
A-1, while dribbling in the frontcourt, has the ball deflected into the backcourt by B-1. When A-1 regains control in the backcourt, the official begins the 10 second count. Is the official correct?
The answer is "No" took me a few days to find the mistake
No mistake - the answer is indeed "no".

The reason is because the official was incorrect for starting the count when A1 recovered the ball. The count should have been started as soon as the ball was in the back court.

What trips up most people on this question is the issue of the count not starting until there is team control in the backcourt. On throw-ins, team control doesn't exist until the ball is possesed in bounds by a player, so many people assume the count doesn't start until it is controlled. In the above question, team control already existed, so the count starts as soon as the ball enters the backcourt.
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