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Originally Posted by DG View Post
In the OP, the discarded bat did not hinder catcher fielding the ball, the catcher's wild throw was the issue/question. It is not clear whether pitched ball was fair or foul but it was clearly not a batted ball. 7-3-6 is about a thrown bat.

So it appears that defense erred in throwing a wild pitch and offense is penalized because bat discarded contacts the pitch that has not been secured by the catcher.

Need something other than 7-3-6 to convince me this is INT, for this OP.
How do you figure that the "discarded" (i.e., THROWN, as I've never seen a batter gently lay his bat down to "discard" it, and I can safely ascertain that the OP meant "thrown") bat didn't hinder the catcher? It knocked the ball a couple of feet farther away from the catcher, who then had to rush his throw as a result. Perhaps there needs to be intent, but from subsequent info provided, it appears that this coach has his players intentionally interfere on a regular basis, so there's a good possibility that the hindrance of the catcher was intentional.
Matthew 15:14, 1 Corinthians 1:23-25
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