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Originally Posted by ajmc View Post
Stegenref, you were correct, but perhaps more importantly than being correct was the reasoning you used to determine that you were correct. That reasoning will serve you a lot longer and better, than being correct in this situation.

Your Referee was wrong on both the situation, and much more importantly, how he handled it. There are two valuable things you can take from this incident, first; that thinking through the logic of the rule will usually lead you to the correct decision and second; when you get to wear the white hat, that you should welcome questions from crew members because they ALWAYS put you in a win-win situation.

Either you get to explain why you are correct, which would be a positive teaching moment, or after thinking the question through, you may discover you were wrong which gives you an opportunity to avoid making a mistake and learn (or remember) something you should have known.

As for your White Hat, whether he's an idiot or needs a proctologist, is not for either of us to opine. He may have been having a bad day or a brain fart, which all of us are susceptible to from time to time. You might review the general consensus of your research with him, not to show that you were right, (that's evident) but he could benefit from understanding WHY you were right and might even learn the potential benefit available from opening his mind to what his crewmates might offer during the heat of a game.
AJmc, well said: I am amazed how many officials, especially some R's have this ego thing that is so much better left at home. I always welcome questions and encourage my crew if they think I am wrong to come to me asap on the field (or halftime or after or whenever is approapriate)and talk about it so we can get it right and learn from it. If we want to create a good learning environment, especially for younger officials, then R's, especially veterans, need to be very "approachable." In my pregame and any other teachable moments I emphasize that we are not here because we are perfect, we are here for the kids and to continue learning each game. No question is a dumb question and no question should be treated as a "challenge" to someones knoweldge or authority. If we are not careful we can greatly undermine the continual learning process by letting our egos get in the way. OK, sorry i am doing some philisophical rambling here... enough already ;-)
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