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Originally Posted by THREE View Post
Type of game----Youth Fastpitch

Special local rules (2 EP's & 1 BB (base bandit)

Number of players on original line-up (as turned in by coach)--11

Did the umpire check the line-up cards at the pregame-yes!
Did he catch that no one was listed for 2nd base? No!
And why does it matter if he did or did not.
Do you have one rule to apply it he checked line-up
and another rule to apply if he didn't check line-up
and then another rule if he checked line-up and didn't catch problem.
No, the rules are the same, but if there were only 8 names on the original, the PU really screwed up. Couldn't care less if the umpire didn't notice there was no one assigned to 2B.

I don't see where the umpire is wrong at all. To the OP, the girl sits and was never officially in the game, but is now an available substitute. Then again, I'm playing this by ear.
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