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I agree it is misrepresented, but also in another manner as you suggest. The selling point has been keeping the elements in view. Not possible. Isn't going to happen no matter what mechanics a working umpire is using. A spectating umpire, sure, s/he can to this, but will never be in a proper position to make a call.
I disagree. With knowledge of the potential plays ahead, along with the knowledge of what routes need to be used to get to those plays (easily), an umpire can see all of the elements at the same time and be well ahead of the play with little effort.

I am not of the belief seeing the ball is as important as seeing the runners and defenders and observing their actions. Knowing where the ball is at any time is important, but that doesn't mean it is necessary to see it rolling to the gap, bouncing off the fence and watching some OF stab at it.
I cannot put any importance on any one element. Without getting specific, I believe that seeing the whole field at the same time allows me the latitude to make informed decisions as the play develops. I don't rely on any person (defense or offense) to solely tell me where to go or more importantly, where I don't need to go.

Once had an umpire set up in the RHB slot six feet behind the catcher......for every batter regardless of batter's box being used. Pretty unorthodox. And there was no way this umpire was seeing the right half of the plate let alone the outside corner. However, there was little argument with his calls from the teams or my Asst. UIC or myself. I asked him if anyone ever suggested he move a little closer. He said no. I asked if anyone ever told him to move to the other side when there was a LHB. He said no. And this was at a national!
Is this a comment on the ASA training and advancement of umpires in the ASA ranks? Be careful, many of us believe that ASA does a fantastic job of training officials and choosing those who are qualified to work at the national level.

BTW, how is Dudley these days?

Yes, I have worked the "rim" and, in some cases, loved it, but only with a 3- or 4-umpire system. What I have seen in my area are some local HS associations making this their primary set of mechanics for their 2-umpire system. Not good.
Yes, ABSOLUTELY, staying outside can be hazardous to one's officiating if done at the improper times. At the two-person games, it should be used only at particular situations, and only if both umpires understand the system.

You still have 13 left? And here I thought you were a beer drinker.
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