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Originally Posted by luvthegame View Post
IMO opinion there are instances where working outside...being able to beneficial even in 2 person..just not as frequent as one might find in 3-4 person.

I like the ability to watch what is going on with the ball and glancing the runners-fielders (fielders and runners usually react to what is going on with the ball). The information can be extremely useful in determining next movement. How far the ball may travel, which fielder is going to pick it up, what direction that fielder may be moving when they get to the ball, who the cutoff will be, how strong the relay throw might be and other information (like being able to see my partners and what they are doing) are all effectively observed without having to turn a back to any pertinent info. The key IMO, is that umpires understand what to look for when, and then proceeding to the area they need to get to in a timely manner. This can usually be done best when using the most amount of information available.
I agree with your key, but AFAIC, you don't need to keep your eye on the ball when it isn't necessary, overrated and, as previously noted, impossible to do. Turning my back to the ball is no big deal, never has been.
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