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Originally Posted by Andy View Post
Do I believe that ASA should have some flexibility and allow some of the NCAA mechanics to be taught to and used by more experienced umpires that understand the purpose? Yes. However, I can also understand why they (ASA) have chosen not to do that at this time.
Here is the difference, Andy. With ASA's mechanics, I should be able to, and have at the national level, walked onto the field with a crew and the total pregame was, "by the book".

I do not disagree there should be a high level of training for the high level of umpires. To quote Rachel's hero , "it shouldn't be an Advanced School for Umpires, but a School for Advanced Umpiring".

The only problem with that is the restriction it places on some umpires, their ability to work with other umpires and would make it more difficult for some to move up through the system within the ASA umpire ranks.

As you note, I think ASA is too large a body of umpires to get overly specific. I have no problem using advanced mechanics with the umpires who can handle them. OTOH, I believe these umpires should not become elitist and completely dismiss the standard mechanics if they work with a crew which is not up to their level.

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