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NCAA vs. ASA Mechanics

I think the group here can come up with some good discussion on mechanics.

I see the major differences between the two as something worth talking about. I have been able to do both and I think in a lot of ways the NCAA works better for me. When working ASA I try to do it their way but when calling pitches I think the NCAA allows people to do what works best with their body and call the game.

*U3 coming all the way over to call a play at first on a one hopper to right. (ASA)

*BU always having to come inside on a single (ASA)

*90 angle on the throw for force plays (NCAA)

*Calling distances for force and tag plays (Both - they are different)

*Secondary positioning (NCAA)

I just thought I'd throw this out there and get opinions. Mike has said that the NCAA is arrogant but I feel that some in ASA are hard headed.

I have also worked with umpires that are proud of the fact that they can stand in "B" for innings at a time.

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