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Originally Posted by jwwashburn View Post
This PU did not SEE this runner miss home plate, he BELIEVED it.
You still don't get it. He did see the runner miss the plate. It is possible to see something that didn't actually happen.

Back from 2003..

"'Procedurally, I didn't handle it 100 percent right,' McClelland told The Post in an exclusive interview in the umpires' room in The Stadium. "But I'm sure it hit the pole."

When asked if McClelland saw if the ball hit a fan's glove and not the foul pole, the veteran ump was adamant that he saw the ball hit the pole. Television replays showed that it hit a fan's glove and dropped on to the field."

He saw the ball hit the pole not a glove. Replays showed that it hit a glove. What he saw wasn't actually what happened.