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Originally Posted by GA Umpire View Post
Many of these can be answered by one of 2 ways.

Watch the game with someone knowledgeable of the game. That way, they can answer these questions as the game goes. It is easier to explain it while seeing it. Many require a long explanation which is easier to understand when it is happening.

And, read the rule book to get other answers such as number 2. It can be answered by reading and understanding the rule book. Or, you can watch the game with a knowledgeable person and get the answers quicker and easier.

Quite a few of us learned the basics like this by watching the game and being told by someone who knows the game as it is happening. You are not going to get answers quickly and easily online for some of these. In fact, some answers may be a smart remark or seem like one. Such as number 1, the answer is b/c the rules do not say the catcher can't as he is applying a tag. The runner can so why can't the catcher as the runner is trying to.

Simply, to answer these questions, watch the game, talk with someone knowledgeable, and read the rules. We do.
Thanks for the reply.

But there's a problem, I live in a familiy where hockey rules everything. I know no one that knows baseball as much and could help me answer questions during games. And sorry, I thought it was "blunt", but thanks.
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