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Originally Posted by SanDiegoSteve View Post
It is common protocol for the batter runner to rid himself of his equipment without having to request Time to do it after overrunning first base. It is different at the other bases, because he isn't allowed to overrun them to start with, so he has to request and be granted Time in order to step off the base and remove his gear, hand them to the bat boy, etc.
I see no reason why a player would have to step off of a base to remove any protective equipment. The main reason "time" is given is so that someone can come get the gear from the player versus the player simply handing it to the first base coach.

This statement contradicts what you just said. The example above is he stops 15 ft. past the base, and in this one he is walking back to the base. They are exactly the same thing. At some place, he is going to stop, unstrap the leg guard or elbow guard, and then return to the base. Who care if it's down the line or near the base, as long as he then returns immediately to the base?
I apologize if I did not fully explain my situation clearly enough. In my opinion, there is a distinct differerence between standing beyond first base, taking unecessary time to remove all of the gear and then walking back towards first base versus walking towards first while removing the gear including stopping for a brief moment to release his ankle protection. In the first example, he is not returning "immediately" whereas in the second example he is. I am of the opinion that there is sufficient "relaxed" action to remove the gear once he goes back to first base.
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