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Originally Posted by GA Umpire View Post
That is a debatable question.

What does immediately mean to you? As soon as he stops his momentum? Halfway to his dugout? In his dugout? Is it situational?

Since it just says "immediately", it is left up to interpretation at that point. For me, I would go with him being several steps beyond 1B on his way back to his dugout. But, I would also consider the situation.

If I have the winning run on 3B, 2 outs and I know calling an out for abandonment after reaching the next base is a timing issue, I am not calling the abandonment out until R3 crosses so his run counts. I will give more leeway in this situation just to end the game and prevent extra innings.

I may get flack for this but I will be the one going home when that run crosses.
So you're saying it depends on the situation. What kind of crap is that?? Oh yeah, it's called game management *For all of you that didn't catch that, I was being sarcastic in the first two sentences*

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