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Originally Posted by Andy View Post
I have been assigned to the Men's B FP national later this summer. As I don't do a lot of Mens FP regularly, I picked up a couple of games last night in a league in another town. I'm also working a Men's tournament in a couple of weeks.

My question for those of you that might do Men's FP on a more consistant basis is concerning the strike zone. It is my experience that the Men (both pitchers and hitters) expect a more compact strike zone. They expect the top of the zone to be just above the navel (about a ball width lower than the college definition), and the ball to be on the corner of the plate. The pitchers don't seem to expect to get the same width as a female pitcher (both inside and outside). These are my observations from my admittedly limited experience. I am interested in hearing any other thoughts.
When I worked in Houston many moons ago (2002), that is what I called and never heard a peep from anyone except one catcher who expected strikes in the river. I also played FP 25 years ago, and that is the zone we had and top flight umps did not call in the river. The players will adjust but they will know whether you are calling a pitch that is one inch inside a strike or ball and so will you.
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