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I do the TOP-league of both sexes overhere. My strikezone with the men is just bigger than with the female. As long as I'm consistent they (the players) love my zone. "If I can hit it or reach it with my bat", I hear sometimes, "you call it a strike." That is somewhat over the top. But the top of my Male-zone is just below the arm-pit. The low strikes I call on the knee.
For women my top is called lower and the bottom is just above the knee...
The with though is the same...

Consistency is more important than the zone itself, better a constant small mailbox as a zone than a flowting zone.
Wade is correct, if they find out what you call (in the 1st inning) they will stick to it. And they can throw it just where you want them to throw it! All batters on that level can bat; long arms and even longer bats. So they will hit it!

Advice for on the bases: Keep tracking the ball and be quick on your feet...
Be even more alert. This game has more speed and power than the toplevel's (Elite) woman.
Two weeks ago, on the bases in A, I was nearly hit in the face by the batted ball. I was paying attention, but the ball was hit so late and yet so hard that it nearly surprised me... A quick dug in, the ball just missed me. Many laughs by all the players. I looked like a turtle they said...

Ik ben niet gek, doe alleen alsof! Gaat me goed af toch?
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