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NSW State League Grand Final Weekend 2000. Division One Women's Semi Final. Two teams playing are fierce rivals and have been for several years.

Five seconds remaining. Team A, up by two, are fouled on the rebound and have the ball on their own endline. Time out is called by Team B. Play resumes, active official administers the ball to Team B who inbound to the corner and nail the three.

It wasn't realised that a mistake was made until the ball hit the bottom of the net and the Team A coach went crazy. The game officials knew a mistake had been made but followed the rule to the letter and allowed the basket.

Team A inbound but to no avail. Team B wins by one and the officials are chased into the Referees room by plenty of irate fans and players all wanting blood.

If I was out there, the points would have stuck. Feel for the game gets thrown out the window when it is your mistake. Count the three and wear the consequences.


By the way, it really happened what made it worse was that Team B went on to win the Championship Game by a point also. Lucky win indeed.

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