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Red face Thanks Mick.

Originally posted by mick
What you say is correct. But, two things about Padgett's post.
1. He won't make that mistake, hence nor the correction.
2. I love the way his mind works.
Mick - thanks for the kind words, but I admit I do make mistakes. I made one in a game yesterday. I let a kid get away with not giving me the ball when I asked him for it three times while he was complaining about non-calls. Not giving him a T was a mistake

As to loving the way my mind works, my response is "what mind". If I had any mind at all, I wouldn't be doing this. Who in their right mind would want to do a job in which you get tons of verbal abuse by people who know nothing about how you should do your job, when you are doing it correctly?

As to an earlier posted comment about what would I do if the tape of the game was reviewed and my "creative solution" revealed - I still say I heard my partner blow his whistle even if it's not on the tape (which it not always is). That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

If I have the opportunity to make sure the better team wins by correcting a mistake I made, I will try to do it.

And yes - our job is to make sure the better team wins! If you don't believe it, start a new thread and I'll be glad to explain it. This is a seminar I give at clinics.
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