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This situation is not a judgement issue, its a clear cut rules application. For all of you who think the fair thing to do is wipe out the basket and give the ball back to the team that should have had it, tell me what you would do in the following situations:

1. It is discovered during the second dead ball after the clock had properly started that a merited free throw had not been awarded. What is the fair thing to do? Why?

2. In the middle of the third quarter it is discovered that an unmerited free throw was awarded at the end of the 2nd quarter with no time remaining on the clock. Again, what is fair?

3. To begin the game, Jumper A1 tips the ball and then catches it before the ball touches the floor, is touched by a non-jumper, etc. Team B get the ball, but which team gets the possesion arrow?

My point is that the rule book defines what is fair. It defines rules to handle mistakes (1 and 2 above) and to clarify unusual situations (3 above - team B gets the arrow also - Casebook 6.3.1C). These are not advantage/disadvantage situations or block/charge judgement calls. Apply the rule, that's fair.
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