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Originally posted by Mark Padgett
Originally posted by Gary Brendemuehl
[In regard to Mark Padgett's creative solution, I can only say that I am disappointed in his response. I have read his posts on this and other forums and respect what he has to say. But Mark, I think you kicked this one. The common response of "Are you questioning my judgement or my integrity?" by a referee to a coach's complaint of unfair application of the rules would have to be answered by "Both" in this case.

But then, I am

Just a Coach
So you think the game should be determined by an official's mistake? How would you like it if the "mistake" went against your team? Besides - I am absolutely positive my partner blew his whistle. [/B]

Mistakes happen and we have rules for correcting them (and telling us when they can't be corrected). I try to minimize the likelyhood of a mistake happening by knowing the rules, keeping track of fouls, and so on. If you make a mistake, don't make something up, just because you don't like the rule that applies.
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