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Originally Posted by SethPDX View Post
That's all well and good, but:

(1) how many pro or "real" () D1 umpires do we have here;

(2) Living in a manual is one thing, being on the field is another. I would rather get the play covered somehow and talk about what to do differently after the game; and

(3) I would not presume to speak for anyone else, but at least one long-time poster here evaluates "real" D1 umpires in his area, so I would be careful about claiming this or that thing as a "ding."

BTW, "real" D1 ball, as well as the (I guess) "not real" D1 conference in which the school in my home city plays, uses 3 umpire CCA mechanics, not the red book.
I would like to see some of the D1 conference umpires chime in. I know 2 in the real world, I'll ask them when I get a chance.
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