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Originally Posted by Maz17 View Post
Alright you two... I am telling you, in professional baseball, there is no help from the PU. Trouble ball sinking liner... YOURS. Once firm and secure possession and voluntary release you have to look for the touch. No help is given by the PU. You are right... there are flaws in the two man system. But if a pro or d1 (REAL d1: Big12, 10, PAC, SEC) saw the plate guy stepping on a BU [email protected]&*! like that... he would be dinged so hard. Make as many different claims as you want. Look it up... it is BU responsibility. No matter trouble, not trouble or if the fielder dives and the ball goes in his mouth. Make up what you want... you still have both. Like I said... you may not see him touch, but you still have to look!
That's all well and good, but:

(1) how many pro or "real" () D1 umpires do we have here;

(2) Living in a manual is one thing, being on the field is another. I would rather get the play covered somehow and talk about what to do differently after the game; and

(3) I would not presume to speak for anyone else, but at least one long-time poster here evaluates "real" D1 umpires in his area, so I would be careful about claiming this or that thing as a "ding."

BTW, "real" D1 ball, as well as the (I guess) "not real" D1 conference in which the school in my home city plays, uses 3 umpire CCA mechanics, not the red book.
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