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One of the biggest things we take heat for is consistency
of our calls. There are many who scoff at those who follow the letter of the rule book and other associated pubs and
believe that the those are just mere guidelines to help them call the game they way they think it should be called. They will throw out pharses like game flow or game management, meanwhile all the coach sees is his rebounder getting hacked on the arm not losing control and a no call while his player
does the same thing to a guard out front and a foul. He sees
an arrow mistake one night that is not corrected and then this throw-in situation the next week that is. He sees no handchecking calls the first half when his team was down 15
but 2 in the last 2 minutes after his team clawed it way back to within 3. I wonder if this is why they set it out so clearly in the case book so that it might be called one way every game and not left up to the official to make his own decision....And you wonder why they perceive us to be partial.
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