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Originally Posted by Maz17 View Post
So recap!!!

Tags: 1:BU 2:BU 3:PU
Touches: 1:BU 2:BU 3:PU H:PU
Fly Ball Outs at Bases: 1:BU 2:BU 3:PU (I've got 3rd if he tags) H:PU
Ground ball outs: 1:BU 2: BU 3:BU H:PU
Trouble in the "U": BU
Touches of B/R: BU
With R2 only, doesn't the base umpire have the catch, the tag, and R2 to 3rd? That's how I was taught. Only with R1 and R2 should the PU have 3rd.
Matthew 15:14, 1 Corinthians 1:23-25
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