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Re: Is Parellel the same as

Originally posted by JO
Did the defensive player establish a legal guarding position?...from your post...I do NOT believe the defensive player did....Question: Is running parallel -- FACING the player with the ball?...I do NOT think it is ...FACING to me means that our chests are square to each other...NOT perfectly...we are NOT going to split hairs...but if my initial guarding position puts my chest pointed to the sideline and your chest is pointed to the endline...this is NOT establishing a legal guarding position...

What are your thoughts? ... JO
My thoughts are that a legal guarding position has absolutely nothing to do with this play.Any player is entitled to their position on the floor.If you shove a rebounder from behind,do you ignore the foul because the rebounder didn't establish a legal gaurding position?If both players in this case have established a straight path,neither of them can push the other one out of their path.
The last paragraph of Rec Ref's response covers the situation properly.
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