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Originally posted by DrC.
Ok, then tell me why this is different then the
"PLAY OF THE WEEK for BASKETBALL" on the front Page of
this forum. If we can add points for a CORRECTION, why then can't we take away.
Todd, I understand what you mean by it depends, but let's say it was a close H.S. Varsity game and 2 arch rivals.
You could be eating and receiving more than crow after the game.
You can take away points, two direct situations that i know of are: 1. The scorekeepers incorrectly awards three instead of two on the scorebook( error is found before approval of the book),or 2. an incorrect shooter attemps and makes free throws.(correctable error). cancell points and award shots to correct shooter.

The key here is that the officials mistake in inbounding the ball to the wrong team isn't correctable.
Game Management People!!!

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