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I agree with every one who says to do what is fair. The question is what is fair? The stated intent and purpose of the rules

"... are intended to create a balance of play; to provide equal opportunity between the offense and the defense; ... to create an atmosphere of sportsmanship and fair play...".

Correctly applying the rule relating to the wrong team inbounding the ball results in fair play. Setting aside the rule (or making up your own) results in unfair play.

In regard to Mark Padgett's creative solution, I can only say that I am disappointed in his response. I have read his posts on this and other forums and respect what he has to say. But Mark, I think you kicked this one. The common response of "Are you questioning my judgement or my integrity?" by a referee to a coach's complaint of unfair application of the rules would have to be answered by "Both" in this case.

But then, I am

Just a Coach
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