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Bylaws ...

The responsibilities of each official under this agreement shall be as follows:
1. To accept no officiating assignment under the Commissioner’s jurisdiction without the authorization of the Commissioner. Schools and/or teams must secure the services of our officials through the Commissioner’s office.
2. To realize that all dates will be assumed to be open except as noted in (3) and (5) below, and that assignments will be made accordingly.
3. To Commissioner or his designate up to date information including but not limited to phone number(s), mailing address, and email address by September 1 of each year.
4. To continually update their availability in whatever manner or mode the Board is utilizing for assignments.
5. To close, with the Commissioner by Sept 1, all other dates (i.e. social, classes, etc.).
6. Failure to comply with (3) and (5) above, which necessitates the reassignment of games, will result in a fine for each assignment change. A fine will result any time the Commissioner has to call an official requesting confirmation of an assignment. Failure to comply may result in future assignments being made invalid, and being reassigned. The standing of a member for ensuing years may be affected.
7. Confirmation of initial annual assignments must be made within 72 hours of receipt. Confirmation of additional assignments must be made within 24 hours of receipt or as may be specified by the Commissioner.
8. A fine must be paid for each assignment not fulfilled. The fine will be that particular game fee.
9. Switching of assignments with other officials is prohibited.
10. Substituting for another official, without authorization of the Commissioner, is prohibited except if a last minute change is necessary and the Commissioner cannot be reached. All officials involved must notify the Commissioner within twenty-four (24) hours.
11. Acting as an agent or commissioner for any school, league or conference for the purpose of assigning games without consent of the Commissioner and the Executive Committee is prohibited.
12. Officials accepting games from schools, or agent, as a result of a violation of (9), (10), and (11) above are liable to immediate suspension.
13. Each official shall pay a percentage of his/her total game fees for the season assigned by the Commissioner to the Secretary/Treasurer. This percentage is determined by Article I Section III (B).
14. Any official who does not work a game with his/her assigned partner must notify the Commissioner on the same day as the game was played, explaining in detail the circumstances.

Fines-Fines shall be assessed for the following list determined by the Commissioner based on his/her policy and approved by the Executive Committee:
1. Missing an assignment
2. Turning back an assignment
The dollar amount of the fines shall be determined by approval of the budget. The due date and the late payment penalty shall be determined by the Executive Committee and announced by or at the February meeting.
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