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Originally posted by Rog
I've put my shades on; cause, you just shed so much light on the subject that I got blinded. ;-}
Anyway, in most of the Babe Ruth games I've done; unless I feel a coach is going to object, I would probably allow the visit.
But, it has been my experience that the BR leagues seem to follow the OBR real closely. Unlike some other leagues which like to: adopt, modify, alter, codify, insert, change, overlook, ignore, etc. rules on occasion.
I feel that BR opted to follow OBR for a specific reason; and as such, should follow those edicts. Especially if I feel an issue will be protested. On this I believe you would agree as well.

Of course leagues are different from one town to another. For Little League, what I have outlined is the official interpretation. For other OBR-based youth leagues, what I have outlined is my opinion.

Babe Ruth isn't pure OBR either, though Rog. They have made changes to suit the level of play, just like LL. That's why I personally don't have a problem ruling as I have outlined.

Really, the proper ruling for Babe Ruth and other OBR-based youth leagues is exactly what it says in the NAPBL Manual. I never pretended to deny that. I just thought an interesting discussion could take place around my opinion that, in this area, it just doesn't make good sense to use the Pro interpretation in youth leagues.

I do agree with you. And really, Alan and you are both correct and I am wrong. But that's never stopped me before from ambitiously defending my position.

Thanks again guys for an interesting discussion.
Jim Porter
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