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DH Substitution

Just wanted to check and see if I kicked this one. FED rules, DH batting in the 4 slot for the pitcher. In the 5th inning, coach wants to bring the DH in to pitch and send the pitcher to play right field (original F9 to come out of the game).

Sorry coach, can't do that because they are both locked into the 4 slot in the order and your right fielder is batting 7th. Your pitcher can't move down to the 7 hole.

So instead he wants to make the old pitcher the DH and the old DH the pitcher.

Sorry coach, when the DH comes in to the field, you no longer have a DH, your old pitcher would be out of the game.

Although he agreed with my ruling on his first option, he continued to object with my ruling on the second option. He did pull the pitcher and let the original DH pitch and bat in the 4 hole, left F9 in as well. But he continued to complain that I was wrong on the DH and fielder not being able to swap places.

Pretty sure I still got this right but always like feedback from the forum to confirm or correct.
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