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Re: My last attempt

Originally posted by Alan G

I read your last post and although there's lots to disagree with, I must go further than that on one issue. I did not use the word "stupid" in anything I've written on this issue (or any other, for that matter). Please do not make that kind of unwarrented accusation. (I realize that may have been directed at someone other than myself, but it wasn't obvious on first reading.)

I said pretty clearly that I was reposting a piece I had written some months ago. I said pretty clearly that it was written in response to folks who blasted Andy Konyar (LL) for this interpretation. I even put a line between yesterday's comments and the repost so there would be no confusion.

If it wasn't clear to you, that certainly wasn't my fault. I did everything I could to let everyone know that it was a reposted piece.

I apologize if you were confused.

As to your other comments, I said over and over and over and over that the LL interpretation of this exact OBR rule should be used in OBR-based youth leagues. I don't know why you'd bring up MLB.

If I were working a Babe Ruth game, and I allowed a defensive conference during an offense-initiated time-out, and the offensive coach questioned me on it, my answer would not be, "Well, that's the way it's done in Little League, Coach." Instead, my answer would be, "The spirit of the rule is to avoid delays in the game. The defense caused no delay, therefore I am charging no conference." It's that simple.

You keep making claims about the intent behind these rules. I would appreciate some source for your claims. My authoritative sources tell me differently. If you know something I don't, please let me know. I'd hate to have missed something important.

Thanks for your time. It has been an interesting discussion.
Jim Porter
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