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I've put my shades on; cause, you just shed so much light on the subject that I got blinded. ;-}
Anyway, in most of the Babe Ruth games I've done; unless I feel a coach is going to object, I would probably allow the visit.
But, it has been my experience that the BR leagues seem to follow the OBR real closely. Unlike some other leagues which like to: adopt, modify, alter, codify, insert, change, overlook, ignore, etc. rules on occasion.
I feel that BR opted to follow OBR for a specific reason; and as such, should follow those edicts. Especially if I feel an issue will be protested. On this I believe you would agree as well.

Originally posted by Jim Porter

The whole point to my "opinion" was that professional rules and interps should not apply to youth leagues in this situation. There are factors not present in youth leagues that change the dynamic of this rule. The NAPBL Manual should not apply in this situation when young kids are playing the game.

At least Little League agrees with me. Their interpretation is official for their organization. That's enough for me to apply the LL interp across all OBR-based youth leagues. I'll take my chances with a protest in Cal Ripken or Babe Ruth.

As I said before, the only reason for the rule is to speed up the game. If there's no delay, I've got no problems with it.

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