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I'm PU for a Babe Ruth game, so OBR. I take a hard foul ball off the arm. I announce that I need a couple of minutes to get the sting out, so I walk off to the side rubbing my arm not really aware of what else is going on.

After a few minutes, I say play ball and play resumes. Pitcher walks a couple of batters and coach comes out to talk with his pitcher (same inning). Offensive coach comes out and says second visit, therefore pitcher must leave the game as a pitcher under Babe Ruth rules (may remain in the game in some other position).

I was unaware that during my recovery time, the defensive coach came out and talked with his infield on the mound. I confirmed this with the PU. I said that his visit during my time out would not be a charged visit. Coach said OK and walked away. Should this have been a charged visit?

2) What if an offensive player gets injured, e.g., batter gets hit with a pitch and needs a few minutes to attend to his injury. If the defensive coach talks with his pitcher on the field during this injury time, is it a charged visit?
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