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Originally Posted by ajmc View Post
Clearly A50 is guilty of IP. The spot of the foul would be the A-30YL, enforcing the 15 yard penalty would bring the ball back to the A-15 YL, where you'd repeat 1st down, and 15 yards to go to reach the original LTG.
I have to disagree here. When A50 steps out of bounds, he does not lose his status as a player (he does not become a replaced player or a substitute see (2-32-1). He cannot return inbounds (9-6-1) during the down, but he can interfere or particapate in the play in a legal maner. For example, he could reach over the sideline inbounds and touch a loose ball (causing it to be dead). If he were an eligible receiver, he could knock a pass down, keeping B from an interception. In this play, he could be called for a hold, but he cannot be called for IP unless he returns inbounds.
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