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I happen to agree with some of the arguments posted on the links provided by waltjp.
1) A player must be either in bounds or out of bounds. There is no other possibility, there is no nebulous no mans land here.
2) The player intentionally left the field of play (he is OOB).
3) Once he leaps, he is by defintion no longer OOB because he is not touching anything OOB. So, if he's not OOB he must be in bounds.
4) I would ignore the leaping if it has no effect on the play, however in our op the player now legally bats the ball. But, he must by definition had to have returned from OOB. Which means we have a player intentionally leaving the field and returning, which is IP.
5) I particularly like this decision because it allows me to tell a coach that maybe comes up with this as a plan that it is not going to work the way he hopes.

Of course I can also see the reasoning behind just ruling it incomplete and moving along as a game management decision.
Indecision may or may not be my problem

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