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Originally Posted by dbking View Post
As a basketball official pretending to do softball, it is all about being in position to make the correct call.

One of the things that ASA has preached over the last few years is "angle over distance." This is to say that if you can't close the distance, get that angle. We all hustle as best as possible (Don't we? *hears crickets*), but there are times when you just can't get that 10-12 feet on a tag play. In that case, get the angle first, then close the gap.

And if it's tight, sell the call! Selling the call will bring you a few feet closer to the play, making it appear that you're on top of it (even if you called it from 20 feet back).

I haven't decided if I should call it from the dugout or the outfield. Apparently, both have really great views!

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