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Agreed! One thing that's always helped slow my calls down is assuming that the fielder will drop the ball until they prove otherwise to me.

Thanks for the good advice guys. Probably all of us have started an out call only to change it mid-way. For me just trying to slow down my calls wasn't always fool proof. But by keeping the assumption that the fielder will drop the ball, like NCASAUmp has suggested, is an excellent way to avoid this potential problem from ever happening again. That's the type of advice that once learned will stay with a person.

As Angler has mentioned it's a must to concentrate on angles, and get that 90 degree to the throw without being too close. Also, I looked at a sampler of the new ASA Mechanics DVD and that reminded me of the Mechanics video that I already have, which I haven't used for over a year now. I'll try to relax more wade. I don't want any coaches thinking I'm not confident in what I'm doing. Nothin' like fun at the ole' ball park! ...Al
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