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Talking Thanks For Replying

I appreciate all your replies. First, I did not intend to come across as someone who wants to make a third grader (8-year old) cry. My concern is with the children learning proper fundamentals.

As I said in my initial post, I wouldn't want the child called on the motion during the game. I simply would want to make the coach aware that changes need to be made and worked on for the child sakes to avoid dealing with it later on. This kid had fabulous control, speed and composure for her age. She pitched better than most the 10 and 12-U pitchers. I complemented her after the game and her parents said she had been pitching since age 4. I know she will be successful throughout the years.


Yes. There was an ASA umpire who didn't know that foul tip caught by a catcher on the third strike was an out, that a ball hit in fair territory then rolling foul before passing first base and untouched is a foul ball and that even if the pitch was 3 feet outside, you still need to call a strike if the batter swings, etc. I did mention the pitching motion to the umpire and asked for his thoughts, while specifically stating I did not want her to be called on it; however, maybe he could speak with her couch for the kid's benefit. He did not have a clue whether it was legal or illegal. I said nothing further.


My initial post stated that I couched 3 seasons, 2 of 6-U and now 8-U. No, the children did not pitch in 6-U. Now they are pitching. I care about the children and want to see them learn properly now so they continue to improving and have fun while doing so. It is my belief that proper fundamentals learned at a young age only benefits the children as their muscle memory kicks in.


Yes. Her hands were together after getting set on the mound. Then came apart on the back swing then back together again above her head. I have since found and confirmed the rule regarding how many times the ball can pass the hip, etc. It read, "can not put the hands together after they have separated." and, "The Pitcher must not make more than two revolutions of the arm on the windmill pitch." I simply needed confirmation from a forum I felt could provide accurate feedback.


Although I appreciate your feedback, I am a very positive and supportive person that would never do anything to discourage the children. This child was not a 1st grader with backward mechanics. She was great with a slight illegal motion that yes, could easily be corrected. My theory is sooner rather than later. Again, I simply inquired to an umpire, one on one, with good intentions. I am not the coach that stands off to the side complaining, arguing calls, and disrespecting umpires.

To all:

I realize my email was a bit confusing and obviously misinterpreted by several. I feel a bit like jerk from your comments. I am just frustrated that rules, etc. are unknown by the people who should be on top of them. This is for the benefit of the children. Would you want their their school teachers to teach them to read from the end of the sentence to beginning.

I was taught to crow hop from my early days through traveling team play. When I reached high school, I had to readjust my mechanics. It was difficult, discouraging and took time to get back up to my level of play. I want to help these kids from going through the same experience.

Again, thanks for you comments.
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