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Your dealing with two different structures. Non high school rates are usually where the 150% structure enteres the equation, but not entirely. You see in high school there are many games assigned for a single umpire. Lots of JV & Freshman games are solo umps. A specific fee for these games is usually published. However, during varsity games, scheduled for two umpries, if only one umpire works the game, then they get paid 150% of the published fee schedule for what each of the two umpires were scheduled to be paid.

In our association, all summer/amatuer ball, all league contracts are written with the intent to provide 2 umpires for each and every game accepted. When, due to what ever circustances that prevail, only one umpire works the game, then he is paid at the rate of 150% for that game.

High schools for many years have accepted contracts for for lower level HS games as "one umpire only" venues. In this case usually they publish a specific fee for such. That fee is not computated at the 150% rate, but rather far less, becuase new or lower ranked umpires usually are assigned these games. You might look at it as a lessor fee traded off for the training and development of reasonably new umpires.

Hope this somewhat clarifies the confusion.

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