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As last year being my first year in our association, I wasn't too sure on what our fee structure was. As I found out, I don't think there is one. I think the association takes whatever the school is offering. As a new umpire, I was just excited to fill my evenings with games. What I found I ran into were single man games. I know as a rookie ump, these can be expected, but I was getting paid a rate averaging $30. Not once was I paid 150% like many of you are saying. Does this sound like something that should be brought up to the association secretary? Or should I just let it be. Those single games can be pretty harsh on a new umpire's esteem. But, I'm sure like many of you have, I just brushed them off. And, although I deffinately don't umpire for the money, a few extra bucks after a game like that sure makes you feel a little better!
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