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IHSA Requirements

Originally posted by Jerry Blum
I am from Missouri and I am working on finding out exactly what is required. I think that as long as I officaite 10 varsity boys or 10 varsity girls in a particular class I am eligible. As far as how the officials are selected for the games doesn't really bother me because like I said above it is my first year with a varsity schedule and I don't really expect to get any postseason games.

I was just curious as to the number of games that an official must officiate to be eligible for the postseason games in other states regardless of number of years officiated.
Well in Illinois it is required that you do 10 games as well at the level you will get post season games at. We have two classes, Class A for small schools. Class AA for bigger schools. If you have done 10 Class A Boy's games for example you are elgible to do post season. But there are many other factors that play a big part in that equation. Official's Ranking, Top 15 lists, Coaches and Official's Ratings, Status with the State and many other things I cannot think of right now. But basically you cannot do 8 Girl's Class A games and be considered elgible to do the Class A Girl's post season.

Hope that helps a little.

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