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Originally posted by Jerry Blum
This is the first year that I will be officiating mainly a varsity schedule. I was just wondering what the requirments are for being selected to State tournament/District tournament games in the different areas.
I think you need to ask people in your state. Illinois for example has one of the most dynamic requirements for post season games than any other state. It will take years here because of all the things that is required. You might live in a State where it only takes you 3 years to do the State Finals game (I have a officiating friend that met an official that did that game in his 3rd year of officiating). So you need to talk to the people in your state or tell us what state you live in and someone from that state might show you the requirements. But I would assume that information is not a secret and should be listed in the information of your state. But I think it might be safe to assume that someone in your state would have that information.

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