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Originally Posted by furlu55 View Post
what are the rules for backcourt violations in terms of an 8 second or 10 second count? If a timeout is called does the count continue where it left off or reset???? if the the ball is deflected out of bounds by the defender is the count resetted. please clarify....thanks
If you are not from the USA, then the previous post should help you.
However, if you are from the USA, then you need to know that the NBA uses an 8 second count in the backcourt, but that the HS and NCAA levels use 10.

The NBA count is what is known as a hard count, meaning that it does not reset under the conditions which you noted. The NBA also has a variation for the last 2 minutes of the 4th quarter and extra periods.

The 10 second count under NFHS (HS) and NCAA (college) rules is a soft count and does reset when there is a violation or time-out.
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