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Originally Posted by furlu55 View Post
what are the rules for backcourt violations in terms of an 8 second or 10 second count? If a timeout is called does the count continue where it left off or reset???? if the the ball is deflected out of bounds by the defender is the count resetted. please clarify....thanks
8 seconds refer to FIBA, so I'll give the relative rules.

The count begins when there is player control in the court; if the ball is deflected out of bounds (or if play is stopped because of an injury to a player of the team in control) the count is not reset: the official will show the number of seconds remaining before handing the ball for the throw-in. The same happens if there is a held ball and the AP favors the same team. However, if we are in the last two minutes of regulation or overtime and the team in control is granted a time out, the throw-in will be at the division line and, if the ball is passed in the back court, there will be a new 8 second count.

There's no possibility to grant a time out during a live ball.

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