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Re: Coach Ejected

Originally posted by DanIvey
We had a Varsity Coach ejected from a JV game last year. The JV officials reported the ejection to the oncoming Varsity officials.
It was decided that the Varsity coach could indeed participate in his "level" game because, as the rules state (WA), the coach must sit out two games at the level in which he was ejected.
Since the Varsity level is a different level than JV it was deemed the Coach could participate.
We discussed this at our association meeting and the assigning secretary said the correct procedure was followed.

However, a post stated on this forum has got me wondering if we applied the rules correctly.
One post suggested the Coach leave the building for the entire night, to include the Varsity contest.
One post suggested the Varsity Coach that was ejected must "serve" his two game suspension before he could coach a Varsity contest.
One post went on to say two game suspension served or 10 days, whichever comes first.
These are interesting applications or interpretations of the rules.
My questions:
What is the correct procedure for Washington State?
Can an association come up with its own interpretation of the ejection rule as we did? i.e. Allowed the ejected Coach to coach in his Varsity contest.

I don't think they are interesting applications or interps, just state by-laws.

Here in OH it is for the remainder of the day and 2 games at that level . So, he would be done for that game, and all games until 2 JV games pass. So, if this happens during a JV or Frosh game, and they do not have 2 games to play at that level for 2 weeks, then he is out for that length of time. He may miss 3 or 4 Varsity games, since that is a different level.
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