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Originally Posted by mbyron View Post
Call the Guinness Book of World Records. mbyron has now set a new world record for the shortest post by mbyron, ever. One word, three letters. There's also another world record here. The most boring post by mbyron, ever. Come on, mbyron, you could do better than that. We have come to expect more interesting, and fascinating, posts from you. Posts that make some of us scratch our heads, and say to ourselves, "Self. What the heck is mbyron talking about?", and then we start thumbing through our copy of Webster's, or Funk and Wagnells. Couldn't you have thrown in an idiom, or a metaphor, or a reference to some great literary, or scientific, figure, or at the least, have thrown in a little Latin?

Or, you could post a "no" answer, and break your own world record.
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