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Gear Bag

Who here does NOT have one?? Seems to be a rather silly question, I know, but still, there are those who do not have one..

I have the one that ASA sold for a long time - I do not know who made it, but it sure is solid! I have had mine for over 7 years now - I actually use the darn thing as LUGGAGE when I am traveling! It takes every bit of abuse the airline monkeys can dish out, and if you think it handles a lot of umpiring gear, it is amazing for regular travel stuff. Plus there seems to an added bonus: all the times it has flown, it has YET to get a TSA 'we searched your bag' flier! This while my regular luggage HAS!

I suspect that between everything, it must have 50,000 miles on it! it will be a truly sad day when I will be forced to retire this!
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