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Originally Posted by Kelvin green View Post
You know there is 1/2 second. Clearly enough by rule for a catch and shoot. They passed it in, shot the ball and scored. Plain and simple game is done.

There are no redos... Redos are never fair.....It will always give a team an advantage.

Why would you ever disallow the basket and declare the game over? Unless it was clearly shot after .5 seconds....
The problem is I got to see the game film of the play and the catch and shoot happened in .6-.7 seconds (with my stop watch).

It is next to impossible for officials to know if the shot happened in 0.5 or 0.6 seconds with out a clock. In this case where 5 seconds was erroneously put on the game clock I feel that a redo would be the fair thing to do. I'm not saying that I'm justified by rule or that I would do that in the same situation but that I had never seen or heard of this and wanted to talk about the correct way to handle it.
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